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I am available for private one on one instruction at my studio or join me at B Golden Jewelry School (BGJS) for a jewelry fabrication class! I am an Argentium Certified Instructor (ACI) and have the opportunity to educate students on how to work with this incredible metal. Check out the BGJS website for the full schedule of courses.

Want to go BIG? Join me for a woven metal course. Reach out for more information.

I provide instruction for the following techniques: Torch fired enameling, riveting and more.

Interested in working with your hands? Join me for a class.

Open Studios

Second Wednesday of Every Month, 10-2pm, at B Golden Jewelry School

Practice your craft under my guidance. Work on your projects and custom design ideas with help soldering, setting stones and troubleshooting issues. 



Private Classes: Jewelry Making and Woven Metal Sculpture

Learn the techniques used to create woven copper sculptures or fabricate beautiful jewelry. Lessons take place in my Austin studio. Email me for more information.

Creative Side Jewelry Academy - For the Love of Jewelers
Rio Grande

Creative Side Jewelry Academy - For the Love of Jewelers


In Featured on Rio Grande's "For the Love of Jewelers" Series

A Community of Jewelers That's by Design

Creative Side Jewelry Academy is a special place. Part of that could be because its hometown of Austin, Texas, is uniquely attractive to artists. The weather is good, the music and food scenes are superlative, and there’s a prevailing camaraderie that compels folks to look out for one another. A large number of fine jewelers have ended up in Austin and found themselves making a living there.

Read the whole story from Rio Grande.

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