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A detail image of woven metal, roped copper and various metal tubing
A copper branch sculpture in progress
Fold formed copper leaves


My process begins with looking over the many sketches I have drawn out on paper and thinking about what I want the piece to reflect. Even as I am drawing, my mind is thinking about connections between myself, people, nature and the world.


I source my metals from electrical suppliers and local scrapyards. Either place is always an adventure!

A copper sculpture of a branch with leaves in progress
A copper sculpture of a tree with branches in progress on a workshop table
A pair of wire snips laying next to form folded copper leaves and pieces of copper wire waiting to be soldered together
A plastic bucket filled with leaves cut from brass, waiting to be turned into sculpture
A woven metal sculpture of a three dimensional fish.
Formed copper wire into a circle to act as the armature of a new sculpture.

"Copper is itself is a very conductive metal used in communication. Since my work is all about connection, it is the perfect material to work with to tell my stories."


A woven metal sculpture of a seagull by Rita Marie Ross
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